Programs Purpose

  • To increase independence in the home and community for the person served.
  • To provide the opportunity to learn a wide variety of skills and the support to achieve independence, productivity, and self-worth.
  • To aid in living independently, making meaningful choices, enjoying personal relationships, communicating freely, and receiving adequate support.
  • To help individuals achieve satisfying connections with others in the community.

Community Habilitation is a home and community service, meaning that services are provided in the house and community. Hours of service can be provided at any time and are typically supplied on a 1:1 basis. However. there is a provision for group activities to include up to three individuals as long as safeguards can be maintained and they have a common goal to achieve.

*Specifics about the regulations can be found on the OPWDD Key to Service online here.

Adults in the program typically work on maintaining a clean environment, learning budgeting skills, grocery shopping, scheduling appointments, learning transportation and meal preparation.